Employee Stories

What do those who live in its culture every day say about CETIN? Read their stories.
PPF Telecom Group B.V. (or “PPF Telecom“), which includes the telecommunications companies Yettel and the infrastructure telecommunications companies CETIN, is concerned about a regulatory decision taken in Bulgaria that will effectively undermine competition in the telecommunications market in Bulgaria and thus lead to the creation of a dominant player to the detriment of consumers.
What connects the CETIN office in Sofia, the metal band Nightwish, the town of Kitee in Finland, Pomorie and church music? At first glance, nothing. Until you meet Rositsa Delieva. Rossi is an IP Engineer in the Transport Network Planning department at CETIN, a technology company dedicated to building telecommunications infrastructure and information security solutions
You might think accounting is a boring activity, dependent on numbers and far from human contact. But Galya Ilieva will easily disprove you - with a smile, with friendliness, with a human attitude, with putting people above numbers, and with highlighting the meaning in her work beyond mere financial balances
Tanya Popnikolova is celebrating a kind of coming of age as a CETIN employee this year - 18 years since her first day on the job in 2005. “When I came, there were only two people working in the department. Internet roaming was just starting to be offered,“ she explains
CETIN is a technology company engaged in building telecommunications infrastructure and information security solutions. For them, technology is the backbone of existence. The company's goal is to always be one step ahead in the ever-changing environment of the technological world to keep their customers happy.
Wind, rain, snow, sun – no matter the weather, when there are problems with the relationship, he is one of the people who have a duty to fix it. A backhoe has pulled him out of a swamp, he's gassed in knee-deep mud, he knows what it's like to have the wind blowing you 40 metres off the ground when it's -10 degrees outside, and off-roading is sort of second nature to him. But he's also seen some of the most gorgeous scenery in Bulgaria.
From the very beginning of my meeting with Tihomir Dimitrov, Senior Infrastructure and IT Contracting Specialist, it was clear that the interview would be fun. We're from Pazardzhik, we're football fans and we even support the same teams.
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