Our People

With more than 280 employees, 24/7 support, and extensive infrastructure deployment, CETIN Bulgaria intends to become one of Bulgaria’s most preferred providers of wholesale services in the electronic communications domain. Join a team of passionate people where you will grow professionally.

Our Teams

Despite our professional diversity, we are united by one thing: the enthusiasm with which we do our work.


Let’s show off the skilled professionals working behind the scenes, screens, and base stations at CETIN. Our engineers are the architects of seamless services, dedicated to ensuring unwavering connectivity. We take pride in collaborating with a team of highly qualified, world-class engineers. Join us and seize the opportunity to work alongside the finest minds in the telecommunications field.


One of the most challenging fields for finance is definitely the telecommunications industry – but it is oh-so rewarding. In the telecommunications industry, a finance specialist is crucial for maintaining the financial health of the company. Navigating the unique challenges of the telecommunications sector, CETIN Bulgaria’s finance specialists contribute to financial reporting and performance analysis, playing a vital role in the company's stability and growth. Joining CETIN as a finance specialist offers an exciting opportunity to thrive in a dynamic industry while making a meaningful impact on the organization's financial success.


CETIN's Commercial Division can proudly boast experts who contribute to the company's business strategies. Our colleagues in Commercial are integral to the success of our telecommunications services, shaping and executing key commercial initiatives.


In this ever-evolving tech world, ensuring the security of telecommunications is paramount. It forms the foundation for transmitting sensitive information, preserving data integrity, and safeguarding individual and organizational privacy. CETIN Bulgaria’s dedicated Security team managing and ensuring the reliability of these systems plays a vital role in maintaining the necessary security and privacy standards for our interconnected society.

Human Resources

The skilled individuals overseeing our network, finances, sales, and security can depend on the Human Resources team at CETIN Bulgaria to maintain a positive work environment. Our focus is on creating a professional and comfortable atmosphere that enhances the experience of working at CETIN. Taking care of our employees is integral to our success, and we are committed to ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of our team members

We are always looking for passionate and talented professionals to join our team.

Employee stories

What do those who live in its culture every day say about CETIN? Read their stories.
PPF Telecom Group alarmed by regulatory decision taken in Bulgaria
PPF Telecom Group B.V. (or “PPF Telecom“), which includes the telecommunications companies Yettel and the infrastructure telecommunications companies CETIN, is concerned about a regulatory decision taken in Bulgaria that will effectively undermine competition in the telecommunications market in Bulgaria and thus lead to the creation of a dominant player to the detriment of consumers.
A day in the shoes of... The IP engineer with concerts from Pomorie to Finland
What connects the CETIN office in Sofia, the metal band Nightwish, the town of Kitee in Finland, Pomorie and church music? At first glance, nothing. Until you meet Rositsa Delieva. Rossi is an IP Engineer in the Transport Network Planning department at CETIN, a technology company dedicated to building telecommunications infrastructure and information security solutions
A day in the shoes of... the finance chief who puts people above numbers
You might think accounting is a boring activity, dependent on numbers and far from human contact. But Galya Ilieva will easily disprove you - with a smile, with friendliness, with a human attitude, with putting people above numbers, and with highlighting the meaning in her work beyond mere financial balances

Our leadership Get to know those who define our vision.

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Petar Mudrinic
Profile photo
Ivaylo Shahanov
Network Strategy, Planning and Development Director
Profile photo
Nikola Chakarov
Operations Director
Profile photo
Plamen Vichev
Commercial and Transformation Director
Profile photo
Lyudmila Dilova
Sales Director
Profile photo
Dimitar Korudzhiyski
Security Director
Profile photo
Anatoli Kraev
Finance Director
Profile photo
Yoanna Ilchovska
Legal and Regulatory Director
Profile photo
Mila Gocheva
HR Director

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