We address the specific needs of each segment effectively

CETIN Bulgaria is a multi-faceted organisation that caters to diverse customer segments, including government, healthcare, logistics and manufacturing. With our end-to-end product portfolio and tailored solutions, we are effectively addressing the uniqueness of each segment's needs and challenges.

ISPs and Operators

CETIN Bulgaria operates a high-end telecommunications infrastructure portfolio that comprises a range of mobile access networks, an extensive fibre backbone and aggregation network, and a high-capacity fixed access network. Our infrastructural portfolio provides us with a highly unique combination of telecommunications services. We are poised to allow a rapid and cost-effective transition to 5G and fibre networks for our anchor tenants and other telecommunications carriers.


Telecommunications networks are essential in ensuring efficient and reliable Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR) services, as they allow for the efficient communication, coordination and response during emergencies and emergency situations. When there is public safety at stake, CETIN Bulgaria is a reliable partner, providing a variety of services for PPDR and other government agencies that demand the most dependable telecommunications services with 100% availability.

Transport and Railway

Our state-of-the-art telecommunications networks simplify real-time communication between trainsets, enable train management systems and ensure trouble-free coordination between train operators. Our rail network infrastructure enables the faultless operation of signalling and station management systems, thus increasing the safety and efficiency of rail and road transport. We are supporting the testing and implementation of autonomous mobility solutions of the future.

Industry, Mining and Manufacturing

Advanced mobile networks have enabled the development of Internet of Things (IoT) applications that integrate manufacturing machines and enable factory automation, wearable technology and streamlined industrial processes. For challenging applications in industrial environments, we offer cutting-edge solutions that deliver the accuracy and speed needed for these demanding applications.

Real Estate and Development

In both the commercial and residential real estate industries, reliable communications services are vital to attracting and retaining customers, as businesses and families require reliable Internet connectivity and sophisticated telecommunications solutions. CETIN Bulgaria has unrivalled experience in building complex connectivity solutions for high-end developments such as sports stadiums, industrial complexes, shopping malls hotels or high-rise residential buildings.


Healthcare providers are dependent on error-free communication, especially at crucial moments when they are proactively involved in saving patients' lives or safeguarding the privacy and security of sensitive client data. CETIN Bulgaria is a standout in security, accessibility and trustworthiness by meeting the expectations of insurance companies, hospitals and other healthcare providers. By incorporating advanced 5G technology, CETIN Bulgaria not only provides continuous and streamlined communications, but also enhances the speed of data transfer and the connectivity of healthcare professionals. This technology significantly enhances the overall efficiency and rapid response of healthcare services and enables the providers to render optimal care in a timely and safe manner.


Telecommunication networks now enable educational institutions to be more agile and meet the needs of the present generation of tech-savvy students. With the accessibility of distance learning or e-learning, more students now have equitable access to the same opportunities wherever they are. CETIN Bulgaria connects to various educational institutions, providing students and teachers with the necessary support for effective learning.

Financial Institutions

Today, financial institutions such as banks rely on telecommunications to deliver a superior customer experience to their clients by improving efficiencies and introducing digital innovations. The frictionless communication provided by cutting-edge telecommunications technologies has provided a faster response time, improved cooperation and facilitated decision-making while enhancing industry security measures. These are just a couple of examples of how CETIN Bulgaria cooperates with financial institutions.