Complexity of services is the foundation of any technology organization

CETIN Bulgaria offers a wide range of cutting edge technological solutions – from network and data services, through radio sites and security services. We strive to be a reliable partner for all our partners, as well as their own end customers.

Network Services

Carrier Data Services

  • ITU-T OTN Wavelength (from 2,5 to 100 Gbps)
  • Carrier Ethernet (from 1 to 100 Gbps)
  • Protection:
    • Unprotected - DWDM single Point-to-point link
    • DWDM dual Point-to-point link over 2 diverse routes providing double capacity between endpoints
    • DWDM Protected link – highest level of resilience using SNCP mechanism (two diverse routes between same endpoints)

VPN Services

  • L2VPN (VLL and VPLS) VLAN Transparency ensured, Jumbo frames Support, Point-to-Point, and Point-to-Multipoint, Protected and unprotected service
  • L3VPN – QoS; Jumbo frames support, Support of dynamic routing protocol between PE and CPE devices, Multi VRF support, Protected and unprotected service
  • L2 Ethernet (out of MPLS bounds) - Q-in-Q tunneling, Multiple VLANs support, Protected and unprotected service

SDH-based circuits

  • Support of all SDH-based circuits ranging from E1 up to STM-64 capacities, Protected and unprotected service (port and path protection options)

Ethernet leased lines

  • Ethernet services are available across the entire network footprint with connectivity ranging from 2Mbps to 10Gbps and full redundancy over its own infrastructure

Dark Fiber Lease

Over fully protected Fiber Optic backbone network in all major cities in Bulgaria:
  • DF type – G.652 and G.655
  • Metro and Intercity/Long-haul fibers
  • Short-term and Long-term lease (monthly rentals/IRU)
  • Collocation of equipment
  • O&M services

IP Transit

Ethernet services are available across the entire network footprint with connectivity ranging from 2Mbps to 10Gbps and full redundancy over its own infrastructure.
  • All available PoPs (direct access)
  • Flexible billing models (Flat rate or usage-based/burst-billing)
  • BGP dynamic routing
  • IPv6 support
  • DNS
  • Interfaces
    • Fast Ethernet – 100Base-T, 100Base-F
    • Gigabit Ethernet – 1000Base-T, 1000Base-X

Security Services



  • Network Security: 

    Check Point security gateways (NGFW) is protection the customer`s network by scanning inbound and outbound traffic for anomalies and malicious files. The Next-Gen Threat protection is including many different features to keep the business safe  


  • EndPoint Protection 

    Harmony Endpoint & Harmony Mobile are software that are can be installed on PC, Laptops, Servers, Tablets and Mobile Phones. They are protecting the device for being infected from various Zero-Day threats as Ransomware and etc. 

O365 & Google WS 

  • Harmony Email and Collaboration is Software as a Service that is protecting O365 or Google Workspace from threats that are coming through email or collaborative tools as Phishing emails and links, SPAM and malicious software. 


  • Synergy between connectivity & security from one-stop-shop SP

  • Secure WAN solution

  • Cost optimization: adding new points and connectivity

  • Scalable solution

  • Primary and back-up connectivity (fixed & mobile)

  • E2E SLA

Data Services


CETIN Bulgaria operates collocation in specifically constructed buildings providing the following service options:

  • Footprint/individual or shared rack 

  • Preinstalled FO network cabling and PDUs/Sockets 

  • Power supply - 230 V AC, 48 V DC or both 

  • Cross-connect in MMR (meet-me rooms) 

  • Variety of connectivity options - FO/UTP/FTP/STP/SFTP 

  • Remote hands & eyes 

  • Video surveillance Access control and 24x7 physical security 

Radio Sites



  • Collocation of antennas 

  • Collocation of racks/units 

  • Backhauling 

  • Power supply provisioning (green energy) 

Site Specifications: 

  • Greenfield (tower, mobile) 

  • Rooftop 

  • Indoor 

  • Outdoor