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A day in the shoes of... The IP engineer with concerts from Pomorie to Finland

What connects the CETIN office in Sofia, the metal band Nightwish, the town of Kitee in Finland, Pomorie and church music? At first glance, nothing. Until you meet Rositsa Delieva. 
Rossi is an IP Engineer in the Transport Network Planning department at CETIN, a technology company dedicated to building telecommunications infrastructure and information security solutions. 
Technology is Rossi's second passion. The first is music, which she has been involved with since she was a little girl, but continues to follow to this day. 
She is one of the very few crazy Nightwish fans who have had the honor of singing in front of pianist and one of the band's founders, Tuomas Holopainen, in the band's hometown of Kithee, Finland. 
She came to the Nordic country for the first time in 2014 at the personal invitation of Plamen Dimov, a Bulgarian musician and music teacher who has lived and taught in Finland since the mid-1980s and is the founder of Nightwish. 
Dimov came across her cover of the band on the internet and invited her to the festival he was organizing in Kitwe for Nightwish fans. For four years in a row, Rossi has participated in the festival, not only living one of her musical dreams, but also witnessing some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. 

“This festival was the pinnacle of all the things I love to do in my spare time - sing and travel,“ says Rossi. 
“Pianos, guitars, music, two wonderful weeks of something sounding from everywhere. Like a music camp - forest, lakes, your eyes can't take it all in. In the summer in Finland it's light all night - at 3:00 the sky is redder than any sunset you've ever seen. Something indescribable,“ she recalls. 
In front of Holopainen she sings together with a group of musicians and performers from Australia, Croatia, Finland, Wales, Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria, formed after their meeting at the festival. 
Aside from Nightwish songs, Rossi keeps his musical passion alive in other ways - performing as part of the band Lullaby, which also plays harder music. She is also part of a mixed choir called Ave Musica, with which she sings at festivals such as the International Orthodox Music Festival in Pomorie. 
“If you had asked me when I was a kid what I wanted to be, I would have definitely said a singer. But things turned out a little differently and I went a different way. I graduated in Network Technologies at New Bulgarian University, and I continue to do music as an amateur,“ says Rossi. 
She already has 15 years of experience in her specialty and has been part of the CETIN team for two years. 
She is one of the people responsible for making sure customers get the service they want - whether it be connectivity over a fibre connection, or ensuring the transmission to the customer and its maintenance, that's her and her team's job. 
“Our department is probably the most colourful in the company. I deal with whole sales services for corporate clients - internet connectivity and voice services. That's what we concentrate on - apart from the coverage like fibre network, and the support. That's why we are available to our customers 24 hours a day,“ explains Rossi. 
Her work involves both configuring the devices themselves and implementing them on the ground. This means that she sometimes has to communicate directly with a client on site - not the most pleasant thing for many technology engineers, but Rossi is pleased to be able to follow the process from start to finish in this way. 
And thus make the customer as satisfied as possible. 
In 2008 she started in the industry from the lowest rung – as a technical support in an ISP. Gradually, she climbed up the ranks to reach CETIN and her current position. 
She loves the people she works with, not only because of the tremendous support they gave her in the beginning, but also because, in her words, there is nothing better than working with colleagues who, like you, never stop wanting to develop. 
“It would kill me if I had to do the same thing every day,“ Rossi says. In her opinion, the most important thing is to be willing to learn in order to keep up with technology, which, as she points out, evolves not in years, but month by month. 
“The technology landscape is vast. I've encountered people who think they've learned everything. It's hard to communicate with both colleagues and clients who think they've seen it all and refuse the new, even if it's more practical and convenient for their work or their business,“ she continues. 

And she's right. 

As Rossi herself mentions – 20 years ago, who would have imagined that we could have 100 GB of cloud space for our music, photos and videos? 
“Once upon a time we were glad we had mp3 players with 64 MB of memory, and we thought that was a lot. But that's what happens as technology evolves.“ 

But even in the lightning-fast world of technology, her love of music remains a constant.