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The photovoltaic power plant "Verila" is already in operation

 Through the solar park, Electrohold Trade will provide energy for Yettel and CETIN for the next 10 years 

The largest solar power plant built in Bulgaria to date, the Verila PV plant (123 MW), was officially commissioned today. 

It will supply Yettel and CETIN with green energy for the next 10 years after the two parties signed a PPA. This is the largest corporate PPA in Bulgaria to date.  It will provide 80% and about 86% of the two companies' total consumption respectively. 
The investment in FPP Verila is just over BGN 200 million, secured with its own funds and financing from DSK Bank and Varengold Bank. The investor is the project company Belozem Solar Park 3, whose owners include the majority shareholders in Eurohold. The main contractor of the installation is the Bulgarian-German SUNOTEC - one of the leaders in Europe in the construction of photovoltaic power plants. 
Verila FPP is located on the southern slope of Verila Mountain near the village of. Krainitsi near Dupnitsa on a terrain of over 1300 acres. Its location at 700-1000 m altitude on rugged terrain with steep slopes makes the project one of the most challenging and attractive in Europe. 
The plant contains over 220 thousand solar panels and more than 4240 tons of steel structure. On days with intense sunshine, the plant will produce electricity that can power areas such as Kyustendil and Blagoevgrad. The installed capacity of the photovoltaic park represents 7%* of the total capacity of the capacities built so far in this segment of the country. A team of more than 200 SUNOTEC experts participated in the construction of the plant, which started in September 2022. 

Yettel Bulgaria and CETIN Bulgaria are part of PPF Telecom Group, working together on the group's overall sustainable development strategy.